Numbers That Count

How Donations Are Allocated

Mercy Ships is committed to being completely transparent with you. From every $1 donation 82c goes straight to our Ship and Field Operations to provide surgeries and medical care to those who have no other hope. As little as 18c is set aside for the cost of raising volunteers and funds and overhead expenses.

Where does the money come from?

Most of our donations come from regular people who generously donate whatever they can, as small or as large as that amount may be. Money donated to Mercy Ships comes from many areas of the community, including individuals, organisations, and wills and bequests.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports are an international summary from all the offices and are based on calendar financial year end.

    Mercy Ships 2015 Annual Report

    Mercy Ships 2014 Annual Report

    Mercy Ships 2013 Annual Report

Mercy Ships 2012 Annual Report

   Mercy Ships 2011 Annual Report

Donate today to save lives

Donate today to save lives

Your donations help provide FREE surgical operations and medical care to the poorest of the poor who cannot afford or do not have access to medical care