Corporate Partners

Johnson & Johnson family of companies has been supporting Mercy Ships since 1993 by donating sutures, medications, medical supplies and cash to support our surgical programs operated on board the Africa Mercy ship. Mercy Ships's relationship with Johnson & Johnson has expanded to include J&J Consumer Products, DePuy (medical devices), Ethicon (suture), McNeil (OTC medicine) and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (orthopaedic supplies). 
This year we are embarking on a new program to build capacity to provide support to local healthcare professionals within the region of West/Central Africa through offering the Johnson & Johnson Basic Surgical Skills Course. Through this course and our portfolio of Healthcare Educational programs we aim to impact the healthcare infrastructure of each host nation.

See how Johnson & Johnson helps Mercy Ships change lives.

Interview with Sheri Woodruff
Sheri Woodruff is Vice President of Communications for ETHICON Surgical Care, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. She oversees global external communications efforts focused on both clinical and non-clinical stakeholders. Sheri visited the Africa Mercy in Guinea and was deeply moved by the experience.
What is Johnson & Johnson’s relationship with Mercy Ships?
J&J has been supporting Mercy Ships for nearly 20 years. Mercy Ships takes a full-scale medical facility (a fully outfitted ship) to those who need it most, and they do it very cost effectively. Ethicon has been providing the largest measure of support for years – but, moving forward, we are discussing other ways in which J&J might be able to enhance its support.
What was your experience visiting Mercy Ships like?
[Sheri visited the Africa Mercy in Guinea in 2012.] It was exciting and gratifying to see our Ethicon products in use in the operating rooms. I was inspired to see our products helping to save the lives of people who would have little hope for healing without the products we donate. It brought tears to my eyes to see the anxiousness of people waiting to be admitted, who then slowly melted into relief and gratitude as Mercy Ships staff showed such tenderness and kindness. In many cases, those seeking treatment had come from hundreds of miles away – and endured unthinkable challenges – just to have the hope of healing that Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon and Mercy Ships are making possible.  I really enjoyed being able to see patients through the whole continuum from admission, to surgery, to recovery, to their return to their families and communities.
How did your visit change your perspective?
Visiting the ship made me extremely proud to work for J&J and Ethicon. Every day, we’re helping make miracles possible. It has made me even more determined to find opportunities – large or small – where we can make a difference.  Anything we can do to support Mercy Ships will make a positive difference, and I also know that I want to personally volunteer for service with Mercy Ships one day.

Sheri Woodruff with cleft lip patient.

3M has partnered with Mercy Ships for over 10 years in the endeavour to bring hope and healing to the poor, mobilising people and resources worldwide. Contributing with many facets of their diverse product line, 3M has supported Mercy Ships with many medical supplies including Avagard, Mayo stand covers, Steri-Strips, Coban, Tegaderm, splinting and surgical tape, Benzoin Tincture and Bowie-Dick Test Packs.
Thousands of infants, children, and adults have benefited from the use of these products through shore based medical clinics, and on board surgical hospital care.

 Sutures assist Cleft lip patients recovery.

Channel 7 partners with Mercy Ships to provide Commercial Services Announcements run of schedule and other media opportunities.

SBS featured the independent documentary 'The Surgery Ship' produced and directed by Media Stockade. They will continue to air this documentary over the next few years and have assisted in providing Mercy Ships with pro-bono media coverage promoting the documentary and our website.

Site Suite partnered with Mercy Ships Australia for the redesign and production of our website and EDM communications. They work tirelessly to provide the best solution and service and have helped us achieve online growth in donations, shop and volunteer enquiries.

Abbott has supported Mercy Ships for over 15 years with pharmaceuticals, medical diagnostic and nutritional products. Abbott has provided a key sponsorship of the state of the art medical laboratory on the Africa Mercy ship. With instrumentation, testing supplies, consulting, and educational materials provided by Abbott, this state-of-the-art laboratory is able to bring vital on-going reliable diagnostic services to many of the world’s forgotten poor, as well as aid in the training of local health care personnel in developing nations.

Abbot sponsorships supports the state-of-the-art laboratory onboard the ship.

ADEC have partnered with Mercy Ships by donating dental equipment and chair units.

Dental chairs donated by ADEC.

B. Braun has supported Mercy Ships by providing a wide range of state-of-the-art medical instruments used for general, abdominal, obstetric, gynaecology, urology, proctology, cardiovascular, thorasic and ENT surgery.

 Medical instruments being used by Dr Hannah Krause.

Alcon and Mercy Ships have partnered for more than 25 years to work towards a shared goal of eliminating preventable blindness. Our partnership has led to the creation of sustainable programs that meet the eye care needs of thousands of people in West Africa. Through the donation of  innovative products and support with cash funding, Alcon has enabled the Mercy Vision program to expand into 14 countries.
The Alcon Fellowship Training Program has enabled Mercy Ships doctors to provide hundreds of hours of training to local surgeons who shared their knowledge with other local doctors thus broadening access to eye care in West Africa.

 Alcon Fellowship Training Program helps train local doctors.

Since 1995, BD has been a valued supporter of Mercy Ships providing lab and equipment, medical consumables for the hospital and annual funding for general expenses. BD also provides local services technicians annually to help maintain the laboratory equipment on the Africa Mercy ship.

BD provides lab and equipment for the ship.

Hospira has supported Mercy Ships for over 10 years and has provided medical supplies including IV sets, IV tubing, sterile water, medications and pharmaceuticals.

IV sets supplied by Hospira are essential for surgery.

Dentsply Implants has supported Mercy Ships by providing financial assistance to upgrade the digital xray unit for safe patient diagnostics.

Upgraded digital x-ray unit provided by Dentsply Implants.

Carl Zeiss AG Medical Systems Group has supported Mercy Ships for over 10 years by donating surgical microscopes for ophthalmic procedures and ear, nose and throat surgery. Thousands of infants, children, and adults have benefited from the use of these products through shore based medical clinics and on board surgical hospital care.

 Dr Glenn Strauss performing eye surgery.

Bausch & Lomb has supported Mercy Ships since 2005 by providing Intraocular Lenses, OcuCoat 1.0 ML (single pack), Eye Spheres (DTY MTHYL, MTHCRLT, DOHERTY), Eye Spheres with conformers and Sterilizations trays for HDL/TI.

Bausch & Lomb products help support eye surgery.

bioMérioux and the Fondation Mérieux have supported Mercy Ships over the last 9 years with the  miniVidas immunoassay platform for immunology testing, reagents and technical support. The donated reagents have made it possible to measure thyroid hormones for the follow up of thyroid (goiter) surgery done on board as well as to monitor pregnant women for toxoplasmosis and rubella. Thousands of infants, children, and adults have benefited from the uses of these tests.

Modi Assenou after having received thyroid surgery.

Karl Storz has supported Mercy Ships by donating the C-MAC video laryngoscope to teach laryngoscopy to trainee surgeons.

Dr Arega Leta learning to administer general anaesthesia.

Abel can now walk

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Donate today to save lives

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