by Mercy Ships Australia | December 6, 2013


Abel’s leg muscles stopped growing causing extreme deformity, after surgery he can now play soccer.

We treat orthopaedic deformities, club feet, bowed legs, and trauma.

Abel was 11 years old when an injection caused his muscles to stop growing while his bones continued to develop. Without sufficient muscular support, his legs began to bend backward at the knee, forcing his upper thighs out behind him. His parents took him to three doctors, but none of them knew how to correct his disability.
Dr. Haydon, a Mercy Ships orthopaedic surgeon, performed six surgeries on Abel’s disfigured legs. Like all Mercy Ships patients, Abel received the care free of charge. Mercy Ships also provided all aspects of recuperation including a bed to sleep in, food to eat and therapy. With his father by his side, Abel daily attended physical therapy to train his leg muscles to walk normally. More than four months after arriving on the Africa Mercy, Abel took his first steps with straight legs and is now able to walk properly and fulfil his dream to play soccer for the first time.

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